Mark the Songs off to WIN!


Come and join us for our exciting Music Bingo nights every Wednesday at Club Lake Cathie! Put your music knowledge to the test and enjoy a fun-filled evening with your friends and family. Win great club vouchers while grooving to your favorite tunes. With four rounds of music variety each week, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t miss out on the chance to mark off songs and win fabulous prizes. It’s a fantastic opportunity to socialize, have a blast, and show off your musical prowess. Whether you’re a pop music fanatic or a rock connoisseur, our music selection caters to all tastes.

Grab your friends and family and head over to Club Lake Cathie tonight for a memorable and entertaining night. Secure your spot by calling 6585 5701 to reserve a table or a seat on the Courtesy Bus. Come on down and get ready for a night of music, laughter, and friendly competition!